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The Retro Millennial is a blog remembering, experiencing, and re-experiencing the joys of the 1990’s and 2000’s. It was started by Dan Scott, chief editor of The Retro Millennial, RebornJumpman.com and AncientAbandon.com, as a passion project to bring the tech, games, and lived experience of the millennial generation into the 2020’s and beyond.

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Discussion Guidelines

Discussion is a vital part of any community, and this one is no exception! With that said, I don’t like having to manage other people’s speech, so let’s just follow a couple of ground rules I have here at The Retro Millennial.

  1. Be kind to one another.

    1. We all love tech, both new and old, so let’s treat one another with respect as we appreciate the finer things.

    2. Let’s be mature adults who know how to disagree well.

    3. If it’s a fight or name calling you’re looking for, then take it to Twitter.

  2. Keep the language family friendly.

    1. I have kids. Many of you have kids. I want our kids to feel safe reading the articles AND the comments here, so please:

      1. Avoid swearing whenever possible. I understand that in some parts of the world profanity is not just common, but it’s also a vernacular way of life, but do us all a favor and just leave the words that would have been bleeped out of a 1990’s television cut of a Hollywood film at the door. If you want to know more precisely what kind of words I mean, feel free to reach out to me directly.

      2. Avoid the slurs. I’ve not seen this from anyone, nor do I expect to. However, I grew up on the internet so I know better than to assume it won’t happen at some point. Let’s just be decent human beings to one another and avoid things like racial slurs, antisemitic slurs, and the like. I left that intentionally ambiguous because I don’t think I really need to go into it much more than that. Basically, just be nice and avoid name calling — again, take that kind of stuff to Twitter.

How to Reach Me

I can be reached a couple of ways:

About the Editor

Dan Scott has been writing since the early 2000’s on a variety of topics from geopolitics and theology to economic policy and apologetics. That said, those rather heavy topics call other publications their home.

He has his bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University focusing on Political Science and Religious Studies. He is CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. He has worked in the IT industry since 2019 and is a fan of many different computing platforms and operating systems. He started The Retro Millennial to have a place to share his love for the good ol’ days, but also as an outlet for his nerdy endeavors so his wonderfully patient wife doesn’t have to listen to them all the time.

If you’re interested in the more serious articles feel free to visit his other blogs:

  • Ancient Abandon: Answering the Post-Christian World - A blog focused on Christian teaching, cultural analysis, biblical exegesis, spiritual development, and the pursuit of personal transformation through relationship with Christ.

  • Rants, Theories, and Random Observations - A catchall blog started in 2009 to discuss many different topics including faith, culture, news, tech, health, and fitness. There is no real rhyme or reason here. It’s kind of all over the place, and I think I like it that way.

Either way, I hope you’ll consider subscribing and joining the conversation.

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