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016 - My 5 Favorite Laptop Computers from the Past

016 - My 5 Favorite Laptop Computers from the Past


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Main Topic - My 5 Favorite Laptops from the Past

HONORABLE MENTION: Compaq Presario 1200

This was not mine, but it looks pretty darn close to what I remember. Credit to Wikipedia.

5. Dell Inspiron 6000

Also not mine, but it’s the best photo I could find. This thing was probably chugging on Windows 7 as it was built for XP. Credit to Tony DiGirolamo on Flickr.

4. Apple iBook G3

I’ve always wanted one of these, but never had one. The Blueberry version would go quite nicely with my PowerMac G3 too, though I do think the Tangerine model looks great too. Credit to raneko on Flickr.

3. Acer Aspire One D150

I absolutely loved this little machine. It was my daily driver from around late 2009 until I gave it away in early 2014 and it served me well. I found this photo on a sale listing on the Beta Archives forums.

2. 2009 Polycarbonate Unibody MacBook

This is actually a 2010, but it looks identical. Credit to Soundmanboydude’s post on r/MacBook
The X40 is significantly smaller than it’s T-series counterparts, and was only a little bigger than the netbooks that would come later. The bottom laptop here is a T-43, one version newer than my old trusty T-42. Credit to Wikimedia

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