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Hi Dan, good article and congratulations on the command line week. DOS is still a very good piece of software . I missed Norton commander on your list and I suggest it's Linux clone MC (midnight commander) on Linux which I use for more than 20 years now, and it's something that I never let out of any Linux installation I put my hands on. It's damn small and comes with its own editor if you need. Talking about editors, MS-DOS Edit is indeed open source now (https://github.com/microsoft/MS-DOS). MS does not work on the code anymore, but it's free to fork (MIT Lic.); completely in Assembler, maybe one day we can port it to Linux, but it runs under dos-emu if you like. The MS-DOS editor started to be shipped with DOS 5 and was a small version of QBASIC( gorilas.bas!!) after Windows 95 it became a stand-alone program. Good times!

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