This page serves as a place to centralize links to the various software and documentation referenced in my articles and podcast. NOTE: I will not include any DRM access tokens (product activation keys, etc.) for any proprietary software listed.


Command Line Applications

The Links Web Browser

Have you ever wanted to browse the web from a terminal? Probably not. But Links is super helpful for those times when you’re SSHing into a headless server and need to look up a command (or whatever) really quick. Install it from your distro’s package manager, or click the button down below.

Download Links

Lotus 1-2-3 for Linux

In June of 2022 Tavis Ormandy — of Google’s Project Zero cybersecurity division — did a thing. A very cool thing. He ported the beloved Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet application from the 1980’s and 90’s to Linux. And everybody loved that.

Download Lotus 1-2-3 for Linux

The Ranger File Manager

Ranger is a cool little command-line file browser similar to something like Midnight Commander.

Download Ranger

The Tilde Text Editor

Tilde is a solid text editor with syntax highlighting and a text-based GUI-like interface similar to MS-Edit on DOS.

Download Tilde

Productivity Applications

The Microsoft OOXML Compatibility Pack

In 2006, with the release of Microsoft Office 2007, the Office Open XML standard was established. Older versions of MS Office were unable to read or edit Office files saved to this new standard and so that same year Microsoft released the Office Open XML (OOXML) Compatibility Pack for Office 2000, XP, and 2003. I tracked it down and archived the EXE file on the Internet Archive.

Download the OOXML Compatibility Pack