Part 4 of the Windows Vista Challenge
Part 3 of the Windows Vista Challenge
005 - Is Blockbuster Coming Back?Listen now (31 min) | Plus some thoughts on the TikTok drama
A 20th Anniversary Retrospective
004 - Linux 6.2, Linux Gaming, Bandcamp, and Fan InertiaListen now (49 min) | Plus, a new name for this podcast!
Lots of goodies to get you started cleaning, restoring, and maintaining your retro habits!
023 - Why I Stopped Using Linux as a Daily DriverListen now (56 min) | Plus XBox, Mercedes Benz, Windows 11, GPL, and One Plus news!
003 - Ford's Patent Controversy and Linkin ParkListen now (25 min) | Plus frustration with modern web standards

February 2023

A while back I put out a poll to all subscribers asking if you’d be interested in more than just tech and retro stuff here — namely, homesteading…
Installing Software and Making it Actually Useable!
Exploring the software and menus
Installation and First Impressions